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Sean Sadler, PT, MPT, FAAOMPT

Cert. SMT, Cert. DN, Cert. VRS

PRN physical therapist offering PT coverage on an as-needed basis

Currently serving the Mohave County area of Arizona

Physical Therapy Services

Sean Sadler, PT, MPT, FAAOMPT

Dip. Osteopractic, Cert. SMT, Cert. DN, Cert. VRS

Travel physical therapist offering temporary PT coverage (up to 12 months)

Travel physical therapist offering temporary PT coverage (up to 12 months)

Need short notice P.T. help?

Contact me today for coverage

outpatient physical therapy

Evidenced-Based Diagnosis and Treatment

Since becoming a physical therapist, I have evaluated and treated all manner of functional movement disorders, from cervical spine pain to gait abnormalities. In 2019, I completed my fellowship training in manual therapy, receiving my FAAOMPT designation and Diploma in Osteopractic Physical Therapy.  As an osteopractic physical therapist, my focus is on utilizing the latest evidence based treatment techniques with emphasis on:

  • dry needling (cert. DN–using the Dry Needling Institute’s technique, NOT the Evidence in Motion/Kineticore technique–there is a difference)
  • spinal manipulation (cert. SMT through the Spinal Manipulation Institute)
  • vestibular rehabilitation (cert. VRS through the American Musculoskeletal Institute)
  • neurodynamics (nerve flossing/tensioning)

Inpatient Physical Therapy

From Post-Op Day 1 to Discharge

I actively work with patients in all levels of hospitalization, from special care/Intensive care, to post-op orthopedics and general “med-surg”/inpatient settings.
  • Special Care / Intensive Care
  • Orthopedic Joint Camp and Post Op
  • Medical Inpatient

Home Health physical therapy

Evaluation and Treatment of All Musculoskeletal Impairments

From CVA with profound hemiparesis, to generalized weakness with safety and fall risk concerns, I have been directly involved with home healthcare physical therapy since day 1 of my career.

My Specialties

I Am Particularly Proficient In These Areas

Low back pain

  • Using a combination of HVLA Thrust Manipulations and Dry-Needling (electroneedling)

Manual therapy

  • HVLA Trust Manipulations (spine & extremities)
  • Dry-Needling (electro-needling in-situ)
  • Neural Tension Testing (Nerve Tensioning / Glides)
  • IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)

Vestibular Therapy

  • Certification through the American Musculoskeletal Institute


What I Can Do For You

Regardless of the setting: outpatient, inpatient, home healthcare or skilled nursing facility, I am available on “relatively” short notice to provide coverage for your physical therapy needs.

HVLA Thrust Manipulations

Highly Proficient in High Velocity Low Amplitude (Grade 5) Thrust Manipulations

Nerve Glides

Skilled Practitioner in Performing Neural Tissue Tension Testing (Nerve Glides) for both the Upper and Lower Extremities

Low Back Pain

My Plans of Care are Evidence-Based and Highly Effective, utilizing a combination of HVLA thrust manipulations and dry-needling


Certified in electroneedling through the Dry Needling Institute. I do not piston the needle, but rather insert and wind to provoke an immune response

Vestibular Rehab

Evaluating and Treating Dizziness, From BPPV to Vestibular System Hypersensitivity


Highly proficient in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Integrity and Professionalism

Don’t Go Without Coverage Again

When I agree to provide coverage for your organization, you can rest assured that:

  • I will indeed be there, and on time
  • I will complete my obligation
  • The level of care I provide to your patients will absolutely reflect positively on your organization

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